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That means the odds are better than in the American Roulette, which has more pockets. In the 'inside section,' you can wager either on individual numbers or on a group of numbers. There are also six different number bets, known as column and dozen bets, as well as different number bets on various parts of the roulette table. Our advanced software makes it easier for you to pick your favorite bets. You can learn how to play at play money tables before moving to the real money ones. Check out the 'How to play' section of our casino website under 'Roulette' for more information. Feedback Did this article answer your question?

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Want to find out more? Engage players Committed table game enthusiasts, players migrating over from slots and new casino players alike all love Blaze Roulette. Educate Players Approaching a gaming table for the first time or arsel an inexperienced player can be daunting, Blaze Roulette removes the uncertainty of the game process, educating players knipa allowing them to feel at ease at the table. From clearly displaying the game state to highlighting winning numbers and payouts, Blaze can help turn Roulette novices into confident Roulette players within a couple of games. Aid Dealer Accuracy The dealers main focus should always be the player, with dealing the game becoming second nature and seamless. The clear lek prompts from Place Your Bets through to Finish Betting and the illumination of the winning number and payouts, assists with dealer accuracy and allows dealers to remain focused on providing the best possible player experience. Hjälpa Security Every casino operator knows that security is paramount and anything which can aid the security team is a welcome addition to the gaming floor. With game status and winning numbers clearly visible on CCTV, the vibrancy of Blaze Roulette delivers the added benefit of assisting security teams. With just a glance the security team will know what stage the game is in and can therefore easily monitor player and dealer behaviour is in line with the state of play.

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